Diffuser Care

It’s all about the fragrance...

When your Trapp reed diffuser is properly maintained, it will fill your room with fragrance for approximately 45 days.

To maximize your reed diffusers performance follow these simple steps:

  1. Flip your reeds once a week.
    • Rattan reeds are porous and have capillaries- This is how the perfume travels through the reeds and is then diffused when air moves across the fragrance-infused reeds.
    • Liquids can cause the rattan/wood to swell clogging the capillaries which causes less space for the fragrance to travel. Consequently, you will have liquid remaining, but diminished fragrance diffusion.
  2. After 4 to 5 weeks (or sooner if you notice the liquid level hasn’t changed in a while), replace the first set of reeds with the second set
    • This will ensure continued enjoyment.

To refill your diffuser, open bottle and carefully pour contents into a safe glass container and follow the steps above.